At Haxted, we believe that the spaces where we live, work and play should be inspiring. We make buildings for people who want to live creatively and well. Buildings that are beautifully designed and carefully crafted improve the quality of people’s lives. Developing homes comes with a deep responsibility. It’s a responsibility to which we rise.

At Haxted we are fuelled by curiosity. The exploration of the possible. Our ethos has always been to question, and - if necessary – to challenge conventional wisdoms. We look for new, exciting and innovative ways to deliver spaces that offer sensory interest and elevate the soul. Our mission is to deliver higher value through deeper meaning.

At Haxted, we believe in simplicity beyond complexity. Many of our competitors regard design as an ornamental part of the work. We regard it as the fundamental soul of what we do. We strive for balance, coherence and restrained elegance in everything we create. Our aim is to resolve the inherent complexity in making buildings to arrive at solutions that exhibit clarity.

At Haxted, we relish challenge. Development projects – by their nature - are complicated, challenging and expensive. It's why so many are done with undue haste, and without thought. We embrace constraint. We seek out opportunities that others pass on. We are patient. Our team has delivered more than £500million of real estate projects. We have learned through persistence and resilience.

Our new website is launching soon. We believe it reflects our commitment to the details. Charles Eames said: ‘the details are not the details, they make the design’ – it's an idea we subscribe to. So when the details are right we’ll launch. If you’d like to know more about the Haxted way please stay in touch by connecting here: