All of us have a profound relationship with our homes. The spaces where we live determine our potential to live well.

Great homes are transformational and allow us to thrive. So developing dwellings is a real privilege. And it comes with a deep responsibility. It’s a responsibility to which we rise.

When Haxted started there was no grand vision, just a visceral belief in the ability of well-designed and crafted buildings, to improve the quality of people’s lives. So our mission is to make living spaces that do just this. Spaces that inspire and delight. Creative spaces where people can flourish. Spaces with soul.

All too often profit comes before purpose. Maybe our industry has lost its true purpose – good homes at a fair price. We want to re-balance things. Our promise is that we will put the magic back into homes we make. They will be designed with love and care. And we only develop homes that we would be happy to live in.

In 30BC or thereabouts, Vitruvius wrote that good architecture should be firmitas, utilitas, venustas: solid, useful, beautiful. We see this is as the perfect starting point. But it is also our job to make homes that go further. They must be adaptable and exciting. And in a Haxted home the details matter. All of them.

The art of building great spaces requires a dedicated team of accomplished professionals. We work with the very best. Designers, planners, project managers and contractors alike. We expect them to be open-minded, innovative, flexible and courageous. The best solutions come from loyal teams given the freedom to push boundaries. Our job is to encourage and direct them to do the best work they’ve ever done.

At Haxted we see things differently. We follow our instincts rather than following conventions. We don’t want to be a run of the mill developer that finds answers by looking in the same places as everyone else. We are curious. We look at the edges because that’s where the most interesting things happen. And we find the sources of inspiration that inform our thinking all around us. We are comfortable exploring the less trodden path to find a better outcome.

We would love to have you join us on our journey.