The ancient Taoist concept of Yin-Yang informs our creative process. Complementary and interconnected, but seemingly opposing forces, make up all aspects and phenomena of life. True creativity is to embrace both sides. Nothing is absolute. Our process is designed to find balance and achieve harmony.



Water is yin – shapeless, infinitely adaptable and transformative. That’s our process. Fire is yang – curiosity, creativity and the exploration of the possible. That’s our fuel.



We strive to imbue our buildings with spirit. It’s the unmeasurable element of great design. The essential counterpoint to getting the form and function right. It comes from considering users needs and desires carefully and then boldly following our instincts.



Designing, engineering and then constructing buildings is complex. Regulations, technology and market tastes are constantly changing. The minimisation of scarce resources and energy is critical, and careful material specification essential. Our goal is to resolve all of this complexity and finish with simple but elegant spaces. We call this simplicity beyond complexity.



We make homes that express our passion for great design. But all we can really do is create the best canvas possible – the auto-biographical flair of the owner paints the finished picture. So we balance our expressiveness with restraint. Thrilling architecture backed up with considered space planning, precise detailing and durable specifications. And then over to you.



The most interesting dwellings incorporate a variety of spaces. Neither all one thing nor the other. So a small, cosy room deep in shadow here, counterpointed by a large, open plan space flooded with sunlight, there. Outside spaces to complement inside spaces. Both as necessary as the other.



We seek to transform and renew existing buildings as well as make new ones. So we keep what’s good and improve or replace what’s not. This is a sustainable approach which synthesises the best of centuries old craftsmanship with state-of-the-art modern technology.